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Michelle is a key member of our personnel and is responsible for the management of our King's Heath Branch. This means that Michelle is responsible for the overall management and administration of our Mental Health Law Practice.
Michelle not only has a practical knowledge of running a legal practice, she also has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Mental Health Law and the tribunal process.
Michelle will very often be the first point of contact for clients and relatives seeking expert advice and representation in this complex area of law.
The years of experience that Michelle has gained in dealing with often extremely vulnerable clients is invaluable, both to our firm and the clients that rely on the services we provide. It has been commented time and time again, as to how approachable, empathetic and informative Michelle has been in times of great upheaval and distress to our clients.
Michelle has a clear understanding of our client's needs and is fully aware as to the urgency that any instruction has to be treated when a client's liberty has been taken away from them. Michelle ensures that all of our clients are afforded the respect and dignity that they deserve and ensures that our firm is readily able to respond at short notice for any request for representation.