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Marcus qualified as a solicitor in 2003 and was a solicitor with Parker and Grego from 2004 onwards. Marcus continued with this firm after the merger of Parker and Grego and Cullen and Ball.
Marcus secured Higher Rights of Audience (Crime) whilst with Parker and Grego and is now a regular feature at Crown Courts around the country representing clients of our firm.
Marcus is also a qualified duty solicitor and like everyone else maintains a solid practice both in the Magistrates' Courts and representing clients detained at police stations.
Marcus is also a member of the Law Society Mental Health Law Panel. He is a represents our clients before Mental Health Tribunal and is an expert in all matters relating to the Mental Health Act. Marcus has acted for very high-profile clients that have been detained in hospital as a result of hospital orders being made at the Crown Court.
Whilst Marcus does represent patients detained both under civil sections and criminal sections, his dual expertise in the fields of Criminal Law and Mental Health Law give him a unique skill set in dealing with forensic patients.
Outside of the legal profession, Marcus is also actively engaged as a local councilor and was formerly Mayor of Kidderminster in 2008-2009.