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Mr Brown is a key member of our Mental Health team. Mr Brown represents some of the most vulnerable people in our society.
Brian has had extensive professional and life experience outside of the law and has developed immense interpersonal skills over this time which has stood him in good stead for the complex and important work which he carries out representing clients that are invariably going through extreme difficulties in their lives.
Brian has shown immense dedication to his clients and through his dedication secures excellent outcomes for his clients.
Brian's first degree was in Deaf Studies and has an understanding of issues relating to persons with hearing difficulties that is second to none. Brian is a sign language expert, a skill that has time and time again proved to be invaluable to this firm and to those many client's that have benefited from this unique ability.
Brian also maintains his involvement in criminal practice and is a fully qualified and accomplished police station representative.
Any client that requires sign language assistance in any area of law practiced by this firm will receive it from Mr Brown at no extra cost to themselves (in those areas not subject to public funding).