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This is the first contact that you will have with the Criminal Justice process. You will either be arrested and taken into police custody, invited to attend the police station voluntarily or you may be visited by the police in hospital for questioning. Either way, this can be a distressing and overwhelming experience. If you are in this situation are entitled to free and independent legal advice throughout the process. Our firm has the expertise to provide this expert advice and assistance, funded by the Legal Aid Agency at no charge to you.

The importance of quality legal advice and assistance at this early stage in the criminal process can not be underestimated. What happens at the investigative stage of the process is likely to dictate how the entire case will proceed, indeed it may be key as to whether you face any criminal charges at all.

Our firm is committed to providing first class representation from the start. If you find yourself arrested and in police custody anywhere in England or Wales, the custody officer will explain that you have the right to a solicitor. You can nominate Morgan Cullen & Ball Limited by simply informing the custody officer that we are your chosen solicitor.

If you are contacted by the police to attend a voluntary interview or you are being interviewed in hospital, please call 0121 200 3031, 24 hours a day. We will arrange for you to attend the police station with one of our lawyers to offer that all important early advice and assistance.

Please remember, there is no charge to you for this service and early assistance from ourselves may avoid future protracted Court proceedings.