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You have been charged with a criminal offence, what happens next?

Morgan Cullen & Ball has a wealth of talent and experience to represent you throughout the Court process. Whether it be before the Magistrates' Court, the Crown Court or Court of Appeal. No matter what the charge may be, from motoring offences through to serious drugs, violence and homocide offences, our solicitors and barrister have the expertise and know how to secure the best possible outcome.

The Court process can be a daunting one, with our assistance it becomes less so. We will be with you to advise and represent you every step of the way.

We are contracted by the Legal Aid Agency to supply publicly funded Criminal Legal Aid services. Subject to your case meeting the legal merits and you being financially eligible we can represent you by way of public funding. We will take you through the process of making your legal aid application.

In some cases in the Magistrates' Court, public funding is not available, most often for minor driving offences and other non-imprisonable offences. We accept private instructions and aim to be extremely competitive in our private rates.

Expert case preparation and quality advocacy is key to securing the best possible outcome for you whichever Court you are due to appear. Our solicitors and barrister have extensive experience in the Magistrates', in the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. Our lawyers have an exceptional reputation in this area a reputation that has been achieved over many, many years of successful criminal practice.

If you have any general enquiries about our lawyers, what we do, how to instruct us or our terms of business please contact us using the contact form on this website or by telephoning 0121 200 3031.